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Ecoarchitecture and Ecomasterplanning: The Work of Ken Yeang

Yeang discussed an approach to green and sustainable design based on the science of ecology.
The UK Guardian newspaper named him as one of 50 individuals who could save the planet (2008).
Saving the World by Ecological Design | DR. KEN YEANG | TEDxNitteDU

“Everything in nature is connected”
The UK Guardian newspaper named him as one of the 50 individuals who could save the planet (2008)
(Sep 19, 2018)
Shape Your Future with Ken Yeang - Full Interview

“Shape Your Future” is an editorial series focusing on the 1.000 solutions that are saving our planet.
(Sep 23, 2019)
A Green Building Should Look Green, Which Means Hairy!

The well known architect, ecologist and planner reinvented the high-rise typology as "vertical green urbanism" and is known for his authentic ecology-based work and bioclimatic skyscrapers. Filmed in mid February, 2015, Linda Velazquez met with Ken Yeang at his London offices and greatly enjoyed his intellect, ecological aesthetic, world philosophy, and sharp wit.
(May 11, 2016)
An interview with architect Ken Yeang, on CNN's 'Just Imagin

Ken describes his vision for the future of buildings - and how we might live in and organise our cities in 2020, to make them greener.
(Dec 18, 2007)
Rendezvous with architect Ken Yeang

A brief talk with Malaysian revolutionary architect Ken Yeang on his invention of eco-architecture.
(Dec 27, 2018)
Ken Yeang on Designing for a Resilient Planet | 'On Climate Crisis' Masterclass Series

Yeang classifies ecological design into five infrastructures and explores the idea of remaking our built environment as human-made ecosystems, highlighting the need for behavioural changes in our communities to seamlessly integrate within natural systems.
(Jul 27, 2023)
Ecotopia: A Masterclass with Dr. Ken Yeang

Dr. Ken Yeang is an architect, ecologist, planner and author from Malaysia, best known for his ecological architecture and ecomasterplans that have a distinctive green aesthetic. He pioneered an ecology-based architecture, working on the theory and practice of sustainable design.
(Jun 4, 2021)
Ken Yeang - Ecoarchitecture: Projects, Theory, Ideas, Subsystems

Ken Yeang studied at the AA and received his doctorate from Cambridge University. He is principal of Hamzah & Yeang (Malaysia) with offices in the UK (Ken Yeang Design International/Llewelyn Davies Ken Yeang Ltd) and in China (North China Architectural and Engineering Company). In 2008 The Guardian listed Yeang amongst their ‘50 people who could save the planet’, describing him as the ‘world’s leading green skyscraper architect’. Yeang is the architect of several major buildings in Asia including the IBM Building (Malaysia), Solaris (Singapore), the Genome Research Building (Hong Kong), and in the UK, the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital Extension. He is the author of more than a dozen books on architecture.
(Oct 9, 2015)
SUTD Master of Architecture Guest Lecture by Dr. Dr. Ken Yeang

SUTD Master of Architecture Guest Lecture by Dr. Dr. Ken Yeang
(Aug 31, 2022)
Ken Yeang – Designing the Regenerative City

Yeang’s unique ‘ecologically responsible’ architecture is can be seen in Singapore, China, Malaysia, and elsewhere. Now you can hear more about it in this live studio session. Ken will join us live, so be prepared to put your questions to him as the conversation unfolds.
(Nov 24, 2017)
In Person Dato' Dr Kenneth Yeang

Dato' Dr Kenneth Yeang is the 2011 Merdeka Award Recipient, in the Environment category, for outstanding contribution to the development of design methods for the ecological design and planning of the built environment.
(Sep 12, 2012)
What’s a project by another group or individual that you think is pushing the boundaries of sustainable design?
Ken Yeang, HON, FAIA, is one of my architecture heroes. His biophilic design, Eco-architecture, and ethos in practice are inspiring. Yeang’s work has a firm basis in the science of ecology and an understanding of culture and place.