Frequently Asked Questions

1What is ecological design?
Ecological design is designing based on the science of ecology.
2Why ecological design?
Ecological design promises an authentic approach to addressing the current worldwide environmental crisis, This is the most compelling issue that all whose daily work impinges on the planet’s natural environment must address. Designing is no longer mitigating negative impacts but now a race and rescue mission to save the planet.
3Why ecology?
Ecology is the underlying environmental baseline and context being the entire planet and biosphere upon which the human acts and activities on the planet’s ecology affect it’s health.
4What is the environmental context for ecologicdl design?
The context is the biosphere within which are the ecosystems and all species with their environments within.
5How is bioclimatic design different from ecological design?
Bio-climatic design is designing to respond to the climate of it’s locality to create passive-mode low-energy built systems. Ecological design is designing to respond to the ecology of its locality to create built systems that can seamlessly and benignly bio-integrate with nature.
6How is ecological design more effective than other green design approached including those based on rating systems such as LEED or BREEAM?
Ecological design is a nature-based environmentally comprehensive design approach whereas other sustainable design approaches including those based on certification systems, tend to be technocratic, such as placing emphasis on net zero energy design, which in most instances do not give adequate consideration to the ecology of the natural environment .
7How do we implement ecological design?
Implementing ecological design is by the synergistic bio-integrate of the key Eco-infrastructures being: - Nature and its systems - Human sociology-economic-political-institutional systems, - The built environment, its technological and production systems, - The energy production systems. - The hydrology and water management systems, synergistic made into ‘constructed ecosystems‘.
8What is a consttucted ecosystem?
A constructed ecosystem is a human-made ecosystem created by the emulation (bio-mimicry), replication (reproduction) and augmentation (collaboration) of ecosystem attributes to form whole systems. The ecosystem is regarded by some environmentalists as a model of nature.
9Why make the built environment into constructed ecoystems?
The constructed ecosystem by virtue of having the properties of naturally-occurring ecosystems becomes a seamless integral part of the natural environment.